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My2D artwork reflects objects and images that have meaning for me. Trees, (mostly Red Gums) old buildings, interiors, Central Australian Desert scenery, political comment  and occasionally portraits.

My 3D artwork relies on the use of discarded objects (95% recycled wood) and acrylic paint.

My practice is built around recycling wood, together with a belief that nothing and no one is without value and that this intrinsic value is evident when we look past our conditioned belief structures,  and the common concepts of society.

I use colour, form and design, and when working with recycled wood,  the materials tend to dictate the progression of the concept and the final work.   The Painting below is of the interior of an historical Minors Cottage Kitchen, preserved in Gwalia Western Australia.  Oil on Canvas, 90cm X 61cm,  painted after a visit to the town.

My Philosophy

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